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  I Am Mordred: A Tale of Camelot by Nancy Springer

Review by: Destinee R.
Arkansas, Grade 7

I have never had to go through the troubles that Mordred did, but author, Nancy Springer, made me feel as if I had been through a troubling life and back. In the tale, ''I Am Mordred'', King Arthur is sent to put a large amount of male infants to death by sending them out to sea on a single makeshift boat. Even though they were all expected to be dead, one miraculously survives the incident. The baby is found by a fisherman and is named Tad. The fisherman, his wife, and Tad plan on living a carefree life. But the world has other plans for Tad. This story conveys the overlooked moral that one chooses their own fate and no one else chooses it for them. Even if his fate is horrid, will Tad still live happily ever after?

''I Am Mordred'' is a fast paced page turner. This historical fiction is set in the time period of Camelot and is told by a boy once named Tad. It is in a sad tone, but the hardships, twists, and turns make you want to know what happens next. Theres some action, romance, and a fantastic moral included in this novel. It is also a compact story with extremely unique characters. But in the end you learn that fate is powerful but is not chosen for you. This moral catches on in the shocking conclusion, so if you want to know what Tad's fate ends up becoming, read this page turner!

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