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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Daemon Hall by Andrew Nance

Review by: Preston G.
Wisconsin, Grade 7

Do you like horror, mystery, excitement, and even death, then read this book, Daemon Hall by Andrew Nance? This book tells many stories of unspeakable horrors. You wonít believe what people publish these days. Nothing but horror, death, and action. It all happens in one night, one night in the Daemon Mansion. Many enter few come out. On this night you are one of the guest, enter if you dare. Inside this house you will never come out the same, or you may never come out at all. Tonight your guide will be Ian Tremblin. He is always watching, listening, and moving, even when you cant see him, especially when you donít see him. This book has many fine stories. But these stories are not real they can not hurt you, or can they? You will be joining 5 interesting horror writers. Who always goes first in chest, the pawns. Tonight they are the pawns and you are the king, or queen. You will be facing many challenges relating to stories that are told. There is blood, gore, broken bones, and many deaths. As you know most of the pawns fall. Some will return and some will stay down. This book goes far beyond your average dream, or nightmare.

I liked this book because, this book is one of the best, it is a combination of mystery horror and excitement. This book is more than it appears. This book is not a book you can close and just forget about. This book will rest on your brain and never leave. This book will make you believe all the horrors you never would think of. When you read time will just fly. You will always be on the edge of your seat, desk, bed, or coffin. So come along and spend a night with one of the guests named Wade Reilly, he will help you. This is a opportunity of a lifetime, because this might be the end of your life. When you are done, if you make it out alive, learn to sleep with one eye open. Trust me.

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