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  Paul Zindel by Susanna Daniel

Review by: Sage C.
West Virginia, Grade 8

Paul Zindel by Susanna Daniel is an extraordinarily boring book, which repeats itís self more than it should. The writing style is bothersome, and being only 112 pages, it makes it a waste of time. Paul Zindel is a writer from Staten Island, whose work is nothing less than ordinary.
The book took place inÖI would guess an interview, considering there is no official setting. The book was written in 2004. Iím not officially sure why this woman wrote a book about Paul Zindel, considering I find no point in reading any of his books, for they seem boring and just bland. Heís written plays, screen plays, and a ton of novels. He was born in 1936 and died in 2003 due to cancer. Heís won a couple of awards for his writing styles, which I would like to protest.
In the actual biography the woman talks mainly about his books, and practically givesís away all of his more famous ones. Itís very bothersome if you actually wanted to read the books. It also explains how Paul Zindel grew up in a poor household with a crazy mother, and was never really popular and loved. This apparently helped him become the Ďgreatí writer he is today. In most of his first novelís their usually always about teenagers dealing with difficult situations . After writing these depressing teenager books, he moved onto more grotesque novels. They usually dealt with a depressing teenager still, but had monsters or something unnatural come around.
As for having a personal connection with the book, I would say I could not receive any, nor was I able to learn anything new. All the words were elementary, and the writing style was that of a 5th grader. I did find the fact that he had a terminal illness as a child interesting. I wouldnít really recommend reading this book to anyone, but I guess if youíre a depressing teenager you could read it, but even then, knowing depressing teenagers this book wouldnít really help anyone.

So to sum it all up, I would not recommend this book. If you truly want to read it, you can but itís truly not well written. Paul Zindel isnít really a good writer either, but whatever suits your fancy is fine. Out of 10 starís, 10 being amazing, I would give it a 1.

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