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  Landing On My Feet by Kerri Strug

Review by: Adrianna S.
Michigan, Grade 10

When Kerri Strug won the 1996 gymnastics Olympic medal for the U.S.A. she instantly became a hero. Reporters were following her around like she was a superstar, but she didnít care, all she wanted was to go home, away from the fame. Strug later wrote an autobiography entitled Landing on My Feet; it explained the truth, about her life and struggles of being a gymnast.
I read that book, and realized Strug always knew she wanted to be a gymnast, her sister was a gymnast and she wanted to be just like her. Strug would always walk on her hands, never her feet, thatís the first time her parents knew she was going to go far in gymnastics. I admire people who follow their dreams, to go far in sports. Strug knew what she wanted even when she was young; I wish I would have had that much direction in my life.
Strugís story was a fascinating one; I felt I was there with her the whole time. Strug left her home to go train at an Olympic Training Center in Texas, with Bella Karolyi when she was seven. Karolyi is the best gymnastics coach known to man, and most girls who train with him become stars. Strug wasnít like most girls though, she was different, she didnít pick up skills as fast as everyone else. It made her jealous that all these girls were better than her. So thatís why she trained so hard, to catch up with everyone else, but soon she passed everyone else.
ďIt was like passing on a free-way, passing to get to my goal even faster than everyone else.Ē Strug said.
Strugís life wasnít filled with all success. Coaches and Judges were so critical, they told Strug she was too tall or not skinny enough to be an Olympic gymnast, most of the time she shrugged it off, and worked even harder. But sometimes she couldnít she would take what they said so

seriously, when Strug was fifteen she developed a terrible eating disorder. Anorexia nervosa. She didnít eat for weeks and weeks, until one day at practice when she passed out because of dehydration and exhaustion. The coaches didnít know what to do because they had never had a gymnast be so sick from an eating disorder. Strug was in the hospital for weeks but when she was finally released she vowed to never fall under her bad eating habits again. She never did either
Strug qualified for the Olympics twelve years after she started gymnastics. It was the happiest moment in her life, it was exciting to read, and every page I turned I got a few butterflies in my stomach because I knew what was coming.
The book ended with the Olympics and her being upset that she had gotten hurt, but happy she had won the medal for her team, it left me with mixed emotions was I supposed to be happy or sa

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