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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Splendor: A Luxe Novel by Anna Godbersen

Review by: Johnna W.
Texas, Grade 10

I would personally give this book a nine. Most likely I probably favor this book more than others because I prefer romance novels, and others may have different preferences. The author did a very good job at keeping the reader in the story. The lesson I learned was that even if my family may be in a financial situation, I would not marry a man that I do not love just for money.
The Luxe is set in the 1900's. The Holland family is old, and still very popular in society, but the father of the family dies, and there money was diminished, because of supposed gambling. Once the mother of the Holland’s finds this out, she tries to get her eldest daughter to marry into a nice rich family, who can help support their family and take away her worries. Elizabeth’s mother ends up matchmaking her with Henry Schoonmaker (the most eligible and wealthiest bachelor in New York. Yet, Lizzy does not want to marry him because she is in love with an unsuitable match, and if her Mrs. Holland found out she would be forbidden from ever seeing him. There is a problem though, the maid knows her secret and is jealous, and will do anything to keep her away from that man. Lizzy ends up firing the maid and Lina ends up meeting Penelope “Elizabeth’s best friend” in the eyes of society; and she makes a deal with her by telling her Elizabeth’s secret. Penelope is hurt that Henry asked Lizzy to marry him and not her, and she plans on using this secret to her advantage. After he asks Elizabeth to marry him, he meets her younger sister, and falls in love with her.
•Elizabeth is in love with a stable boy
•The Holland family is becoming poor
•Henry proposes to Elizabeth
•Penelope is stunned she thought he was going to propose to her
•Lizzy does not want to marry Henry she is in love with someone else
•Elizabeth’s maid Lina finds out that she is with the man she loves
•Elizabeth fires the maid and she ends up telling Penelope her secret in exchange for money
•Henry comes over to talk to Lizzy, but instead meets her little sister Diana, and finds he wants her to love him
•She is his dream girl
•Henry and Elizabeth are both in love with different people but destined to be married because of society and their parents.
“I love you” I think that is a very interesting quote because they all love somebody, but they aren’t marrying them, and it ends up becoming a tangled mess. “For my True Bride” there was an inscription on a cross that Henry gave Diana. After he gave her his mothers cross, the wife he was supposed to wed ‘died’ and he believed it was because of his affair, but it was not. “True Bride” means a lot to Diana, she knows she will forever have Henry’s heart, no matter who he marries.
The book personally did not disappoint me. It kept me engaged the whole time, and was extremely entertaining. I found it an odd twist that Penelope was in love with Henry and so was Diana, but Henry was not in love with Penelope he loved Diana, but was marrying her elder sister Elizabeth. Then Elizabeth was not in love with Henry, instead she loved a stable boy, and her maid loved him too, but he loved Lizzy, and yet she was marrying Henry. If they would have been faithful to the person they loved, things would have worked out.

6.Think of movies or books people might like to compare

The Notebook
Romeo and Juliet
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
I think the reader should be about 18 years or older to read this book. This book is probably too vulgar for younger kids, and most of them would not comprehend the concept of the story. This book tells you to take your time in love, and when you love someone don’t let them go for another person that has more money. True love is hard, but you can make it work if you try, but they didn’t try hard enough. They thought there only escape was marrying the other person even if it meant a miserable life.

Sorry for turning this in so late, but at least I ended up doing it!

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