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  Remember Me by Christopher Pike

Review by: Shannon S.
North Carolina, Grade 7

Shari Cooper will not be forgotten. Her body was found below the balcony of her friend’s party. That night her friends used her to conduct a séance and communicate with their dead friend Peter. In Remember Me, by Christopher Pike, Shari Cooper made a terrible mistake that is misleading many people; she did not scream when she was pushed. Shari woke up the next morning, and was oblivious to her death. It comes as a devastating shock to her and her parents. At her funeral, she meets her long lost friend Peter. He helps Shari cope with her new situation, and shows her what she is and is not able to do as a ghost. They both find their way back to the real world with the help of a Rishi. A Rishi is an enlightened dead person. From this Rishi, they learn it is possible to become Wonderers. Returning to world of the living, means acknowledging their shadows, and all the mistakes of their previous lives. There are Enlightened Wonderers and Dark Wonderers. Dark Wonderers want to kill the good ones. Some succeed but most do not. Shari comes face to face with a Dark Wonderer who plans to kill her.
Shari and Peter are ghosts and lie in the in between state of life and death. Jimmy, Shari’s older brother is very hurt because his sisters’ death they always felt like best friends, not brother and sister. Jo, Shari’s best friend, is confused because they are like sisters. They look the same, act the same, have mostly the same features, and they both resemble one person…Jo’s mom. Shari is unique and is going to accomplish many things in her life. Jo is very mysterious because she likes to read and try talking to the dead. She is interested in Ouija boards too. Her mother is irritated that Jo tries to experiment on her friends at parties. Jimmy is scrawny and very forgiving he can not hold a grudge with any one, even if they did try to kill him. Jo’s mother is religious and hopes for the truth involving Shari and Jo will be revealed soon.
This story is told in first person. Shari is dead and comes back in another body. She writes about how she got back to Earth. She got the chance to come back to help others and finish what she was meant to do…live a full and complete life. In Remember Me, Shari tells exactly how she is feeling like when she died. She said, “I didn’t feel the blow of the impact. But I do remember rolling over and looking up. Now there were millions of stars in the sky. Orange ones and green ones and blue ones. There where also red ones. Big fat red ones, whose numbers rapidly grew as I watched, blotting out all the others in the heavens, until soon they were all that remained part of a colossal wave of smoldering hot wax. I blacked out. I died.”
The genre of Remember Me is horror. It talks about Shari dying in detail, how she felt, and what everything looked like. It made me wonder if that’s what death really feels like. This genre fits this book because it talks about evil ghosts, and murders. She turns into a ghost and walks the Earth to try to find her killer.
I liked this book very much because it is mysterious and made me keep turning the pages. It has very strong details that really support the plot of the story. The ending is a cliff hanger, and makes me hope there will be sequel. I wonder how other books by Christopher Pike end and how the plot and details mix. Many of Christopher Pike’s books are thrillers, horrors, or even some science fiction. This book is most appropriate for young adults and teenagers because there are some strong details. Pike has also written the young adult, book series, Thirst, that won the New York Times Best Seller Award. It also is somewhat spiritually focused on the religious acts of Hinduism and Egyptian cultures. Many books by Christopher Pike are horror including Remember Me, Die Softly, Creatures Of Forever, Chain Letter, The Blind Mirror and many more.

Many books by Christopher Pike are horror including Remember Me, Die Softly, Creatures Of Forever, Chain Letter, The Blind Mirror and many more.

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