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  Balto and the Great Race by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel

Review by: Jose P.
North Carolina, Grade 7

Balto and the Great Race, written and illustrated by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel, is a sad story. It is about a dog named Balto that races on a dogsled team. He and the other dogs have to find the medicine for the sick children that had diphtheria. Balto has to run many miles to deliver the medicine, and he faces many challenges along the way.

Balto is a strong and brave dog because he saved the kids. Balto is also a smart dog because he sometimes escapes caves with sharp ice falling down. Kassan is the dogs’ sledperson. Kassen is a negative person because he says, “I’m completely lost, but Balto was not.” Balto was sending Musher a message saying, “Trust me. I’ll get us home. Balto and Kassen had to go through Alaska.”

The author’s tone was happy because when she said that, “The year 1925 was a good one to be a dog in Alaska” The author was also calm because she says, “Each year, he stood quietly near the Iditarod trail as the racing team sped.” The other tone was sad because he said, “When Balto got at the finish line he laid on the floor and died.”

The type of genre the book is nonfiction, because it is based on a true story. The dog Balto was a real dog that saved kids. Alaska became state in 1959, and the people in New York made a statue of Balto.

I like true stories like Balto the Great Race. If you are an anxious person, and you like to find what happens next then Balto the Great Race is your type book. The author had a hard time looking for information about Balto, but she tried to include the best facts that she could find. Kimmel also wrote other books such as Suddenly Super Natural, Glamsters, Spin the Bottles. If you liked these books, than you should read the book Balto and the Great Race.

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