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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Dark Life by Kat Falls

Review by: Dylan P.
North Carolina, Grade 7

In Dark Life, by Kat Falls, Ty lives in a world devastated by floods. He is a boy who lives underwater along with his family, and about a quarter of the world’s population. More than three quarters of the world, is underwater. Those who live on the small portion of the Earth’s surface are called topsiders. They have to protect themselves from the harsh conditions. Ty meets a topsider girl named Gemma, outlaws attack, and secrets are reveled. Everything that he knows about his underwater home and the cramped cities above might be wrong.
There are three main characters in the book: Ty, Gemma, and Shade. Ty is a courageous. He is brave enough to try and stop Shade, and put him in jail. Gemma is very brave because she breaks out of her foster home, and she goes “subsea” looking for her brother, the prospector. All she has with her is a picture. Shade is the leader of the outlaws. He and his outlaws travel around in a sub, and raid the territories of the people who live subsea. The government calls the gang, “outlaws and bloodthirsty villains”. The government blames the gang for people that are showing up dead. However, the government may be trying to cover something up. Some people who live subsea develop “dark gifts”, but the government may have something to do with this. For example, Ty has sonar powers.
Kat Falls’ writing style in Dark Life is very different because she is not vague she describes everything with a lot of detail. She also switches between narrators throughout the book, so it gives you a different perspective from all the main characters about the same situation.
The genre of Dark Life is science fiction. Humans are able to use sonar in the water. Their houses are built underwater. They bring farm animals down from topside and put them in underwater farms for eggs, milk, and sometimes meat. The use a chemical called liquegen instead of air. They also have water heaters and invisible gates to keep there exotic fish warm and safe from predators.
I liked this book because it has lots of action and adventure. It has outlaws, heroes, corruption, betrayal, and friendship all in this book. People should consider reading this book because it really makes you wonder if the world floods, would you live underwater. Kat Falls is also releasing the second book in this series, Rip Tide, on April 1st. You should

Read this book. It is one of the best books I have ever read so far!

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