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  A Series of Unfortunate Events #13: The End by Lemony Snicket

Review by: Alex H.
Idaho, Grade 7

Series of Unfortunate Events
The End
By Lemony Snicket

Lemony Snicket made me feel like if I was in his book, well if you have not noticed he was born in San Francisco. He wrote these books to entertain and so people would get the feelings of other people in this world. Lemony Snicket is not his real name that is just his pen name and his real first name is Daniel.
The reason I liked this book is that he makes It that the characters talk in clear language. He makes me feel like if Iím right there watching. And also he tells so much about the characters.
A man named Olaf took the Baudelaire orphans which are
Violet ,Clause, and the youngest is Sunny. Clause is the smartest of them all. And Violet is the oldest of them all and she can invent anything. Sunny she is a great chef even though she is only two.
The main part of the story is the children trying to escape from Olaf ,and Olaf took the children from their parents and he killed there parents before adopting them. They are very rich and that is what Olaf is trying to get their money.
Clause ,Violet, and Sunny are all great ,but except Olaf. The orphans get stuck on an island with people on it. They find out that their parents were their before. Olaf tried to kill the kids before they got to find the people.
This book would go like into a adventure book. It would be and adventure book because they go to many places. It could be like a mystery just because they try to find who killed their parents. It would go more into a adventure book though.
What I dislike about how the author ends the story it makes it really sad. This book is not really funny; It takes place in a island with people on it. The authors voice sounds like if someone had just died.
This is what Lemony Snicket inspired him to write this book from his own words, ďBeatrice Baudelaire, who was Violet, me and Sunny Baudelairís mother who died in the fire. Lemony Snicket was going to marry Beatrice but a rumor went out that he was dead so Beatrice married Bertrand, our father.


I liked the book because it tells you about what other peoples life is like.

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