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  Remember Me by Christopher Pike

Review by: Emily R.
South Carolina, Grade 10

In the book Remember Me, by Christopher Pike, Shari Cooper doesn't understand that she is dead. After attending a girlfriend's birthday party the previous night, she wakes up at home the next morning. When she walks downstairs, a strange thing happens; her family doesn't hear a thing she is saying. They won't even acknowledge her. After receiving a call from the hospital, her parents and brother begin to cry. Soon after, they go to the hospital; she follows. There, she found herself lying dead on a cold slab in the morgue.
Once a ghost, she realizes that she has been murdered. She makes a vow to herself to find her killer. By spying on friends, and even entering their dreams, she finds what she has been searching for; The Shadow. The Shadow is a thing even more horrible than death itself- it is the key to her death, and the only thing that can stop her murderer from murdering again.
Throughout her journey on Earth as a ghost, she reunites with an old friend; a ghost, who had died only a year before. Together, Shari and Peter solve her murder.

While reading Remember Me, I found myself unable to set the book down. Christopher Pike does a stellar job incorporating suspense and foreshadowing into his book.
Shari Cooper is the narrator of this book, which made her experience a bit more captivating and personable.
I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a suspenseful, fun book to read.

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