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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm

Review by: Brittany H.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

This novel Turtle in Paradise by Jennifer L. Holm was a great book. There are many places this book takes place but the main place is Key West, Florida in the 1930ís. The main character in ďTurtle in ParadiseĒ is Turtle who is an eleven year old girl. The other characters are her mother, her cousin Beans, Slow Poke, Too Bad, Pork Chop, Aunt Minnie, grandmother, her cat Smokey, the baby Pudding, and her motherís boyfriend. Itís not really paradise because the people donít have a lot of money there. Even though before Turtle goes there, her mother tells her how itís such a beautiful place. She moves to the Keys with her aunt because her mother got a new job being a house cleaner. The new person she works for does not permit children to live there, so her mother decides to send Turtle to live with her aunt. But her mother tells her when she gets enough money they will buy a house.
The main character Turtle wants to be in the Dipper gang with her cousins. But they say that no girls are allowed. Even though Turtle isnít in the dipper gang, she still hangs out with them. The dipper gang gets candy for watching babies, so Turtle isnít allowed to have any candy. When the ice cream truck comes around, they donít have money for ice cream so they try to get free ice cream and the ice cream man says no. The only one that got free ice cream was Turtle because she told him the money was at the bottom of the can so she got away with her story. The dipper gang asked her to share but she said no because she canít be in the dipper gang.
Turtle was never informed that she had a grandmother. When Turtle found out her grandmother was alive, she went and would visit her every day. She would take her lunch even though she would knock it on the ground. Turtle was told that she doesnít like kids, but after a couple days of going there her grandmother started showing feeling towards Turtle. Turtle gave her cat Smokey to her. The dipper game would still hang out with Turtle after she was done with her grandmother.

I think this book is a five star book because I have nothing bad to say about the book. I like this book because itís a very good story and it didnít drag on. The story was very well told. This is a good book for teenagers. I hope to read another book like this one and enjoy it just as much. This is one of the first books I actually liked to read!

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