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  Grade 10 Reviews
  It's Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

Review by: Emily Z.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

“It’s Kind Of a Funny Story” takes setting in a few different places, such as, the main character - Craig Glinger’s house in Manhattan, a Manhattan mental health hospital that Craig refers to as “Sixth North”, and at his Best friend Aarons house, along with the Brooklyn Bridge. The main character of the story is Craig Glinger along with some minor characters along the way that he meets throughout the time he spends at “Sixth North”. A few minor characters that I felt were most important were, Aaron, Nia, Noelle, Craig’s Mother, father, and younger sister, Sarah.

Craig Glinger is the main character of the book and is a 15 year old typical teenage boy living in Manhattan. Craig faces many challenges throughout the novel and shares every bit of his struggles with us. One of Craig’s biggest problems happens to be his best friend, Aaron and Aaron’s girlfriend Nia. Aaron brought Craig onto one of the biggest problems Craig tries to overcome, other than his severe depression, drugs and alcohol.

The book begins with Craig talking to his therapist about how he wants to kill himself by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Craig has many problems through the entire story, from drinking and doing drugs with Aaron, not being able to eat or sleep, throwing up after every meal, and not succeeding in the school of his dreams that he studied so hard to get into, he decides to end his own suffering by killing himself. Although you will learn that Craig never does kill himself, he admits himself into a Manhattan Hospital where he is admitted into the mental health area, which he calls “Sixth North”, for a total of 5 days. During his time at “Sixth North”, Craig learns a lot about himself and eventually finds great friends and the girl of his dreams, Noelle.

I would give this book 4 out of 5 stars. I really enjoyed reading the book, but I felt like there were certain parts that dragged on, such as some of the days Craig spent at “Sixth North”. I really loved learning about Craig and all of the different people that he got to meet while he was in the hospital. I would recommend reading this book because of its casual laid back style. I believe that any typical teenager could relate to what Craig goes through in the story. I think it’s a great way to show the reader how to turn a negative situation into something remarkable. Overall, I loved reading about Craig and his life, there were some parts I couldn’t put the book down, I would recommend this book to all of my friends.

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