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  Grade 10 Reviews
  The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen

Review by: Andrea W.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

The book The Truth about Forever is set in a couple places throughout the book. One of the main places would be at Macyís house, which is also the main character. Her family includes Caroline, her sister, her mother, and her father. Another place Macy spends most of her time is at either of her two jobs, at the library with Amanda and Bethany, or in the many places the WISH catering crew goes. The employees at WISH catering include, Wes, Kristy, Bert, Monica, Delia, and of course, Macy. Macy is the kind of girl who was perfect at everything; she had a perfect life as well. She was a straight A student, has a brainy boyfriend and running was her passion. Running was something that bonded Macy and her father. And on top of all that, her family was pretty wealthy.

But, everything changed one morning. One morning Macyís father was trying to wake her for their morning run, but she didnít get up. Feeling guilty she got up and got dressed. Then Macy went outside to join her dad. Macy started running, and then noticed that her dad was lying on the ground, he had had a heart attack. Macy didnít take the death like her mother and Caroline did, she was very quiet about it and kept to herself, while her sister and mother bawled her eyes out. It has been a couple years and Macy now has a wonderful boyfriend named Jason.

Jason is a brainy kind of kid and he is perfect for Macy but, she has changed to fit his schedule and tries to be perfect for him. He isnít the Oh my God perfect, but perfect in the sense that he never makes mistakes or does something wrong. Now it is summer vacation and Jason is going off to brain camp for 8 weeks and he is leaving his job at the library for Macy to take over while he is gone. The first day at her new job at the library wasnít a good time for Macy. The two other girls there arenít nice and treat Macy as if she is not wanted there. Amanda and Bethany are the two girls that Macy has to work with and they are almost identical to Jason. She doesnít like her library job much, but she does it for Jason.

While at her motherís party, Macy has to go into the kitchen and find out what is going on. She comes to find that the caterers that her mom hired were a total mess and needed help, so Macy helped them out. Macy meets some interesting people: Wes, Kristy, Bert, Monica, and Delia who is also expecting. Eventually, Macy starts to get to know the group after accepting a job offer from Delia, and it all turns out to be great. Wes and Macy start to talk and get to know each other well too.

The Truth about Forever was great book. On a scale from one to five, I most defiantly give it a five. With all of the drama and emotions throughout the book, it was hard to put the book down. As a teenage girl I can relate to some of the problems Macy had throughout the book too. Filled with love, hate, and sadness I could read this book about fifteen million more times. It was an absolute great book.

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