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  New York Times Tree Shaker: The Story of Nelson Mandela by Bill Killer

Review by: Taylor Z.
Ohio, Grade 6

The first one was pretty good. But the second one was better. I loved reading the second one a lot better. So I hope you like them to.I like reading. So I hope you reading to.

The book Mandela is not a very good book. It is an autobiography. The reason I didnít like it is because it is not something I read donít get me wrong it is a very interesting but I donít like read it cause of the genre it is. Autobiography is not something I would really read.
But I would recommend this book to someone who likes to read two different sides of the story. I donít really like those books. I like this book because the author (Nelson Mandela) did not lie about his life.
A summary would be too hard. But to tell you parts of his timeline would be o.k. Donít you think? Well in 1918: He was born. 1944: He married Evelyn Mase and in that same year he and two others named Tambo and Sisulu formed a group called The ANC Youth League. 1958: Mandela married Nomzmao Winiferd Madikizela (A.K.A. Winnie). So that is some of his timeline.
Seens my grandma wanted me to read more about Mandela. So I asked the librarian if there were more books. (I hoped there was not) and there was. Iím reading it right now. It is way better than the other one. It is called Tree Shaker. It is by Bill Keller I like it. But I still recommend this book to the same people. Will that is what I think of these books. I would rate Mandela a 3.2. But I would rate Tree Shaker a 4.8. I think those are pretty good.
What but before I go let me tell you how many pages are in both books. In Mandela has 203 pages in it. Plus in Tree Ė Shaker it has 121pages in it. So thatís that and that is what I think of these books so have fun over the summer and keep reading. Bye and thanks for reading my review.

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