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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Can't Get There From Here by Todd Strasser

Review by: Julie M.
Pennsylvania, Grade 10

Canít Get There from Here Is about a group of homeless kids giving up on life. Most of them are teens and then there are a few older ones. Itís mainly about they went through something in life and gave up. Like abusive step dads parents on drugs or parents just stop caring. They dropped out of school ended up in the streets hungry and no place to sleep. Others did drugs and started prostituting for money for drugs and food. Some of them ended up dead because of alcohol poison or over dose on drugs, and some died because of the life style they lived and people they dealt with. It didnít matter to them if they lived or not they just lived by the moment because e they felt hopeless. They wanted to be free from rules and not live the regular everyday day life of an American. Eventually it got tiring to others that they parents began to look for them and found them and the kids decided to go back home. One of the homeless kids killed themselves .Many times they got offered a second chance like at youth housing and maybe some choose that because they got lonely from everyone dying.

I think this book can be mostly for teens. So they can see you might think you have it bad but there are people who are worse than you. Also that having an education is important and shouldnít be wasted. Also if you respect yourself others will respect you. I think the book is really good.

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