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  Grade 6 Reviews
  Absolutely Lucy #2: Lucy on the Loose by Llene Cooper

Review by: Luke C.
Illinois, Grade 6

Do you enjoy books about dogs? If so, Lucy on the Loose written by Llene Cooper is the book you want to read. It’ a kids book so why, would anyone want to read it? They would want to read it to have a laugh!
“When Bobby’s beagle Lucy runs off chasing a big orange cat, Bobby must overcome his shyness in order to find Lucy again.” Bobby gave Shawn’s brother Ben, Lucy because he wanted to play with her. When Ben and Lucy were playing, Lucy saw a big orange cat and she couldn’t resist but, to chase the cat. Ben came running to Shawn and Bobby crying. Shawn said “where’s Lucy”. Then Ben said “she… she ran away!” Bobby got up and. He was thinking to himself what happens if he never finds Lucy? He is going to be in big trouble. Bobby must find Lucy because, Lucy changed his life by making him less shy and if he doesn’t find Lucy he will be shyer than ever!
I won’t tell you how the story ends, but I can tell you that I enjoyed the book. I loved how Bobby was brave enough to ask people if they saw Lucy because he was shy. In the book it says “that Bobby went to the market and asks the cashier if she can say something through the microphone. The cashier said “yes”. A lady came up to Bobby and said “check the butcher shop because dogs love meat.” Bobby and Shawn went to the butcher shop and the butcher Joe gave them ribs so Lucy can smell it and find and find Bobby. Then a lady came in and said to Bobby that Lucy is chasing her cat Ginger. When they went outside one of Bobby’s friends said that “I saw Lucy chasing a cat past the fire station.” They ran as fast as they could to the fire station and, the firefighter said “that a dog and a cat were running towards the baseball field.” Now read the book to see what will happen next.

I recommend this book to small kids because they will have a laugh and will want to read the other two books written by llene Cooper. So yes I will recommend this book.

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