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  Grade 10 Reviews
  Lessons from a dead girl by Jo Knowles

Review by: Samantha G.
Georgia, Grade 10

I’m reading the cool novel Lessons from a Dead Girl by Jo Knowles. This book is about two girls,(one popular girl and one not so popular). The girls become friends in school and out. Through the whole book Leah Greene (the pop. Girl) uses Lainey as a friend and for all her other needs. As the girls got older they start to change with the boys and school. In school, Leah falls in with the wrong crowd and Lainey fills bad for just letting her go but then again she is glad that there not friends any more.

I like this book so far because it starts off as a mystery book. Then it slowly turns into a creepy story. Were the girls are “Practicing” there feelings in a closet at Laineys house. But I hate how it’s a totally different story at Leah’s house. There is this guy named Sam. He is friends this Leah’s parents, and Leah doesn’t want to be left a lone with him but Lainey goes to bed and leaves her any way. What do you think will happen?When they get older, Leah starts making bad choices and she goes though Laineys parent’s things and finds her dads stash of magazines. Leah takes one to look at and hides it under Lainey’s bed and her mom comes in and finds it. Leah said that Lainey was curios and she found them in their closet it embarrassed her so bad she runs off and hides. In this story I love it when they start high school and Leah messes up Laineys first date with a boy and they start to fade away as friends and story gets better when there parents try to make them hang out…and it didn’t turn out well. Are you curious to see how they turn out …..and trust me this book is worth reading! I love how this story is going so far I cant wait to finish to see how it all turns out.

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