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  Her Evil Twin (series) by Mimi McCoy

Review by: Allison O.
California, Grade 6

Anna Feels like she has no place to fit in, but after a while she meets Emma a troublesome girl who makes Anna feel cool. Emma and Anna skip school and have many adventures which include Emma doing vandalism. When Anna mysteriously gets in trouble for stuff she never did, she looks for Emma to ask her if she had seen anything, but Emma was nowhere to be found. Soon Anna realizes something strange about Emma that could put her friendís and her own life in danger. The book is interesting and mysterious just by reading a little youíll want to read more.

The characters in this book were very lifelike which made the characters easier to imagine. The author made Emma seem mischievous and mysterious which are two of my favorite things and thatís why I loved the book. Another cool thing about the book is that both characters Emma and Anna are so different, yet they manage to be best friends until Anna figures out Emmaís creepy secret. The fact that both characters are different proves how opposites attract. This book is interesting to read because itís not like most book where you can predict what is going to happen at the end.
If the author would have described some facts about Emma it could have been helpful. Like how Emma is too selfish to even share a friend if the author would have explained why Emma couldnít share friends maybe the readers might not have wondered if Emma is selfish on just sharing friends or on everything in her life, but that is just from my point of view. The parts where Anna is on a date with her crush Benny it didnít last very long which made the chapter short and sort of hard to understand. Sense in that chapter the characterís hardly talked, and maybe the reader was expecting for the characters to express themselves because that was a moment when they might have expressed their feelings for each other, but nothing happened they just ate pizza and thatís it. These changes could have helped me, but again it was from my point of view.

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