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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Cirque Du Freak #1: A Living Nightmare by Darren Shan

Review by: Tristen S.
Missouri, Grade 7

The interesting thing about this book was... it was always thrilling. Real example from story, word for word: I dropped to my knees and, before i knew what I was doing, I had covered the cut on his leg with my mouth and was sucking out his blood and gulping it down!

Now I don't think I have gave you an example of the Freak Show so here it is: There was a huge snake up on the balcony, one of the longest I had ever seen, and it was sliding down one of the poles toward the people at the bottom!

I loved this book! It's about vampires, spiders, and freak shows, but before you get to worried about ohh its a about vampires, spiders, and freak shows... wait! Here's a example word for word: Steve roared with fear and surged to his feet. He swiped at the spider, but she ducked and hand missed. Before he could try again, Madam Octa lowered her head, quick as a snack, and sank her poison tipped fangs deep into his neck!

Now I have gave you examples about the Freak show, Madam Octa (the spider) and the vampire. Who is the vampire? Read and find out!

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