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  Coming to America: Immigrants from Northern Europe by Albert Robbins

Review by: Jimmy T.
West Virginia, Grade 8

Coming to America: Immigrants from Northern Europe by Albert Robbins is a historical nonfiction book set in the early 1700’s. This book starts out directly after Christopher Columbus came to America. After everyone began to colonize and settle down more people wanted to come to “The New World.” Boats quickly arrive from Europe, France, Germany, and other countries in the northern areas of Europe. Many citizens of other countries left because of religious prosecution, they knew America would be a land of freedom where they could believe whatever they wished. Other people left because they lived in poverty stricken war-torn countries and felt the need to get away from it all. Most citizens lived on little or no money, so America would be a fresh start.
Many immigrants not only brought their belongings, but they brought their culture as well. Most European families lived tough lives and always had work very hard. About two hundred years later many families found riches in farming and agriculture, the oil industry, and even business. However, they still faced difficulty during the Civil Rights Movement. Not only did new immigrants have trouble finding work because of segregation, but many racial hate groups sprung up as well. The nation we live in today, that the immigrants helped build, would be nothing without the northern European countries.

I honestly liked the book, it kept me interested and I really enjoyed that the book kept the dates of important events. I also liked the short chapters which kept my attention and made it easier to keep my place in the book. One of the only things that I disliked was that the book had a few words that were hard to pronounce, but they became easier to pronounce over time. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys books about the Old World. I would also give this book about four stars and a good review. This is truly an adventure in a book!

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