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  Grade 6 Reviews
  A Year Down Yonder by Richard Peck

Review by: Kirsten B.
Michigan, Grade 6

I loved this book.

I have been to Illinois before and by the way the book was so detailed that I felt like I was on vacation again. When Mary Alice goes down to Illinois for a year. She finds she is faced with new and interesting things. First, staying with her grouchy, old, and cranky grandma. She learns staying with her grandma isnít as easy as she thinks. But, then everything gets worse from there. Her grandma told her that she is getting enrolled into a new school. Then, she has to find new friends. How is she going to do that? Well, just read on to find out!

Thereís many characters that show up in this book. First, Mary Alice, who in my opinion I love her. She is fun,outgoing, loves to talk. But, if its my opinion trust me she is not that friendly. She is very shy and trying to find friends doesnít come naturally. Then, there is grandma or Mrs. Dowdel. She is grouchy, cranky, and very sneaky. But, in her grandchildrenís opinion she is fat! And, last there is Effie Wilcox. She is a close family friend and crazy. Also, she related to the bankerís wife. They are sisters.

In a Year Down Yonder Mary Alice is telling the story. For example in the beginning of the book. Mary Alice tells us that she doesnít feel bad for the Wabash old train track as she is going into grandmaís town. She expresses through out the book how she feels and her thought about the new school. Also, especially this bratty girl named Mildred Burdick. She despised that girl with a passion!

The theme of the whole book is trying to get along with others. Also, helping others when they need it. Grandma helped some people. But the rule of Grandma Dowdelís is it is ok if you break the rules as long as you are helping. Like I said grandma is so sneaky.

Well, this book is a sweet, funny and all other things. Int the end Mary Alice learns that staying with her grandma is not as easy as she thinks. But, she learns a lot. I am not going to tell the ending because that would be giving it away. But, I know I loved it. So if you want to know why I loved i. Read it. Maybe you will like it maybe you wonít. I know I did! So, what happened to Mary Alice. That is your job to figure out!

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