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  Grade 7 Reviews
  Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez

Review by: Shelby F.
Connecticut, Grade 7

It was interesting when Papa got his finger cut off because I was wondering if he would get crankier or if they would have to move because he couldn't help support his family anymore.

When Francisco, Mama, and Roberto get sent back to Mexico because they immigrated illegaly, they have to find their papers to go back to America legaly. When Roberto lost his janitor job because he was away for too long,he had to try to find another job to support Frankie, whoh was the only one living with him while the rest of the family recuperated somewhere else. they reunite, and Roberto and Frankie end up getting jobs to help support the family. Frankie realises that hee wants to be a teacher even though his father didn't want him to because they didn't have money to send him to college. But he has friends who help him get there, including convincing his parents and helping him get scholarships, sending him to college.

I sort of liked it in the begining because there was a climax where he had to be sent back with Roberto and Mama, but afer that, it started to get a bit boring. I don't really like reading nonfiction because there isn't much that happens normaly so there isn't much exitement. When there isn't excitement, it becomes boring and you don't want to read it anymore. It talks about his school and how he struggles to support his family, but there isn't much action. The best part of the book would be when he gets to go to college.
I think it was mostly the theme that was boring because it was just about how he coped with not being able to do much and what he did at school.
I would give this a 2.5 out of 5 because this could have been a lot more interesting if the author had used a different style of writing and if he had emphasised on the action a bit more.

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