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  Breaking Through by Francisco Jiménez

Review by: Michael L.
Connecticut, Grade 7

That Panchito goes to college.

I have read the book Breaking Through by Francisco Jiménez. I did not exactly enjoy the novel. I am a young adult and when I do read I would like to read something that is fun and exciting, Breaking Through was not. Panchito (a.k.a Frankie and Francisco) was born in Mexico and traveled the border illegally to California. He has a Papá and a Mamá with five brothers. He was in 8th grade and was deported back to Mexico. A part like that would usually be exciting in other books but Mr. Jiménez takes it, chews it up and spits it out with no detail whatsoever and it ended up being blander than bland. He talks about his life as a normal autobiography.
When I was reading, I kept waiting for the climax to happen… it never did. He only writes about his life, which should not be in a book because it was so boring, no offense to Mr. Jiménez. Usually when I read an autobiography, that person’s life was exciting. I will say that it was great that Panchito got scholarships and was the first one in his family to go to college. Everyone who reads it will be able to assume that he goes to college because of the way he says that his teachers help him with English during lunch in Junior High and that whatever he learns in school will be with him forever. Really, he should have just saved us the trouble, skipped his life and said that he ends up going to college on the first page.
If you would like me to recommend this to you, I will not because I am saving your weekend.

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