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  The Illearth War by Stephen R. Donaldson

Review by: Jason Z.
Other, Grade 7

I read the book The Illearth War by Stephen R. Donaldson. I found this book very interesting and the book itself is a little above 7th grade reading level. This book is the sequel to Lord Foulís Bane.

In this story, the main character, Thomas Covenant, finds himself being summoned to a strange land, for the second time. The first time he had been summoned, it had been three weeks ago on earth. The Land has gone for 40 years, in his 3 weeks on earth. He had been summoned by an evil creature, who had died and sent Covenant back to his real world. His mind is not made up whether he actually thinks that the Land is a real place, and he refuses to believe that it exists. The reason that Covenant is being summoned to the land again is because he has a ring made of white gold, his wedding ring. In the Land, white gold is the power to all things, and is all-powerful. The reason itís so special is because white gold doesnít exist in the Land. Covenant is also a leper, and has only half of his right hand, because half of it was amputated. The Land is also a very beautiful place, with flowers all over, and intelligent creatures everywhere.

The plot is that the big bad guy, Lord Foul the Despiser, is trying to destroy the Land so he can leave it and continue destroying other lands and things. In the past of the Land, the people have been able to stop the despiser, but this time itís different. Lord Foul now has possession of a very evil artifact, and it has the power to control peoplesí minds, and other stuff like that. The only thing that can stop him is the white gold, which Thomas Covenant has.

Lord Foulís armies are also marching. They are humongous and the Landís general, or warmark, Hile Troy tries to stop them. Hile Troy is from Thomas Covenantís world and was once a blind man but was healed and has sight shortly after he came to the land. He leads his army all over the Land and has them marching 40 leagues everyday, which keeps his army half running the entire day and after a week after this marching people start dying of exhaustion. Troy keeps retreating fast, but not as fast as Lord Foulís armies are advancing. He soon is cornered against a dark and dangerous forest with a very powerful protector of that forest. This forest is special because its trees can talk with each other and destroy things. Troy manages to convince the forest to let him in and destroy the army that tries to follow him in.

Meanwhile, while the Lords of the Land are gathered and thinking that everything is hopeless, a magical boy comes to their gathering. The boy claims to be a key to secret knowledge. His name is Amok, and he can teleport and do all sorts of things. He says that he can show them objects of great power to help stop the Despiser. He leads Covenant and the High Lord to a mountain, the tallest mountain in the Land. Under it, he says, he can take them to great power. You will have to read to find out what happens next.

This book is a fantasy book, because in the story there is mysterious powers, and magic, and places that are completely fictional and not possible. The Illearth War is a good and interesting book with 527 pages. Iíd give it 4/5 stars for reading quality. Stephen R. Donaldson has written many different series of books, and was born in 1947 in Cleveland, Ohio. He has been name the best writer of the year and given the John W. Campbell Award for his good writing. He now lives in New Mexico.

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