Women Who Changed History: Women's History Month
Discover women who have made a difference.
Celebrate Women's History Month!
Meet Five Amazing Women for Women's History Month
  Dr. Mae Jemison: First African-American Woman in Space  
Amelia Earhart: The Flight of Amelia Earhart
Rosa Parks: How I fought for Civil Rights
Sally Ride: Challenging the Space Frontier
Melba Pattillo: Integrating Central High
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Women's Suffrage Explore the history behind women's fight for the right to vote.
Scholastic News Online Kid Reporters interview women in their communities who are making history.
Jody Williams Meet Nobel Prize winner Jody Williams and learn about her work to ban landmines.
Student Activities for Women's History Month
The Earhart Gazette
Write a news story about Amelia Earhart.

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History Mystery Challenges
  • Which women's rights advocate was born a slave?
  • Who helped established the juvenile justice system?
  • What famous author served as a nurse in the Civil War?
  • Learn about one woman’s journey during WWII from homemaker to shipbuilder.