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A Message From the National Women's History Project

Each year the National Women's History Project selects a theme for the celebration of Women's History Month. The theme is used to unify the thousands of observances that are planned throughout the country as well as to honor specific women. The theme for National Women's History Month, March 2001 — "Celebrating Women of Courage and Vision" — emphasizes the joy in recognizing women's accomplishments. By honoring women's courage and vision, we set a standard for ourselves and provide a beacon of inspiration for future generations.

The six women the National Women's History Project is honoring this year were chosen because they represent the wide range of achievements of American women. They share the special quality of fearless tenacity, which has made them role models for all of us. These are women from different historic time periods, geographic locations, and cultures. Yet, each in her own way paved new paths and expanded the vision of the future for all of us.

Would you like to be an artist, writer, civil rights activist, scientist, inventor, labor advocate, or something completely different? The lives of these women demonstrate the power of courage and vision in creating the kind of work you want to accomplish. Learning about why and how they succeeded is an inspiration. Having them as role models reminds us that with encouragement and hard work each of us can achieve our own goals.

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