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Shirley Chisholm
By: Christa H.
Indiana, Grade 3

“Your time is now my sisters… New goals and priorities, not only for this Country, but for all mankind, must be set.”

Can you guess who was the first African American woman to be elected in the U.S. Congress for the years of 1968-1982? If you guessed Shirley St. Hill Chisholm, you are correct! Let’s see how this famous woman achieved her goals.
Shirley St. Hill Chisholm was born November 30, 1924 in Brooklyn, New York. Shirley’s mother was born in Barbados. Her father was born in British, Guyana. Shirley had three older sisters. Shirley was the youngest in her family. Shirley went to British Elementary School. She went to a girls high school. Shirley went to Brooklyn College. One of Shirley’s jobs was working at a nursery school. After a few years went by Shirley was married to Conrad Chisholm. Shirley did not have any children.
Shirley helped fight for freedom rights for women and African Americans. The important thing was Shirley was never afraid to go after what she believed in. Shirley didn’t want women to think they had to stay home doing nothing. She wanted them to be free and happy. That goes for African Americans too. She went to live wit her maternal great grandmother. Shirley’s husband was Jamaican and was an investigator. I think Shirley St. Hill Chisholm could have been President if she wanted. Shirley is still alive today at the age of 78.
Did you guess who was the first African American woman to be elected in the U.S. Congress before you read this paragraph? If you did wonderful! If you didn’t now you know!

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