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By: Britney A.
North Carolina, Grade 6

The first time i encountered an act of creulty to an animal was when i realized i was doing it myself. i had stolen an egg from a cardinal's nest and then i remembered that once human hands have touched an animal's young, the animal won't take its baby back. i also remembered that birds were especially particular about this subject. animals have rights, too just as humans do, but not many people acknoledge they exist and that, to me, is wrong.

how do people do this? they could do something as simple as what i did, or do something they could get arrested for, like hitting their dogs. but more often than not people get aff the hook or, don't get caught at all.

why would anyone want to hurt animals? probobly for the same reason they hurt their kids- anger. i was 7 at the time i stole the bird and i didn't know much, but different adults do this not so highly punished crime every day or quite frequently.

once again i say this is so wrong!!!!

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