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Marion Donovan
By: Michael 7.
Illinois, Grade 5

Marion Donovan
By Michael H.
“The Mother Of Inventors”

Final Draft
The mother of inventors
George Washington, Ben Franklin,
Thomas Jefferson, and George W. Bush
have all made an impact on our
country, and you can see these men
are some of the most important
people in America. But the most
important person who has had the
most impact in America is Marion
Donovan! This women has had many
obstacles and has faced many
dilemmas in accomplishing her goal!
She has created some important
inventions such as the dental loop, the
zipper on the back of a dress, the
check and record keeping book, the
big hang up, and the boater, but her
most important invention in the world
is the disposable diaper!
Marion Donovan has helped
parents and babies all around the
world. She has been noticed for her
invention of the disposable diaper. She
has also been noticed for the invention
of the boater. As I bet you want to
know, “what is the boater?” The boater
is a sort of cloth that was put over the
first diaper to help prevent leaking.
Marion got the idea because her baby
wouldn’t stop leaking. So she cut a
shower curtain, licked two stamps and
put them together. She cut the shower
curtain so it would fit over the diaper.
Then she used the fastening to help it
hold. After the boater was invented,
the disposable diaper was made. It
was a lot of help because you could
throw it out instead of having the
smell stink up your house. Did you
know back then moms didn’t wash
their diapers. They would put the
diaper by the fire place to dry out, so
there would still be a smell. This also
helped parents because a baby can
urinate more than once in the
disposable diaper. This helped parents
stay away from hours of changing. By
the way did you know a baby urinates
20 - 30 times a day. After these two
inventions were created, many parents
were very happy.
Marion Donovan has had may
motivations in her life. She was so
dedicated to her work because of her
father and uncle! Her father and uncle
invented the lathe for manufacturing
gun barrels. She was so dedicated
because she wanted to invent just like
her dad and be just like him too. She
also invented a lot because when she
was a kid she was in the lab all the
time. Marion was in the lab all the time
because her mother left her father,
and Marion usually played with her
mother, and since her mother had left
she was really, really bored.
Marion Donovan had also had
many obstacles in her life. She was not
taken seriously because other men
thought that her invention was stupid
or unnecessary, because of this she
worked even harder. I mean this
woman had incredibly good patience;
it took Pampers 10 long years to take
Marion Donovan’s ideas. While she
was waiting for pampers to take her
idea, she sold her invention at Saks
Fifth Avenue Department Store Not
only was Marion discriminated against
for her invention, but also because she
was a female, which we all know is
After all the discrimination
Marion Donovan faced, she had many
accomplishments. After her wait of 10
years, she sold the idea of the “boater”
for one million dollars to Pampers, and
after that she sold the idea for the
disposable diaper for another million
dollars. She also had 20 patens, but is
recognized for the dental loop, the
soup dish, the zipper on the back of a
dress, and the big hang up which is a
really big hanger. Also she is not just a
good inventor she was also an very
smart person. She went to Yale and
received a architectural degree in
1958, at the age of 41. Marion also
received a B.A. in English at Roesmont
Collage, in 1939, at the age of 22.
As you can see Marion Donovan
is an amazing person! She was known
as “The mother of inventors” (Murphy,
1). She was not only an inventor, but
she was also a editor for Harper’s
Bazar! Marion was such an amazing
person and was such a hard worker,
that I think she should be rewarded.
She already received loads of money,
but I think she should be put in the
Hono Roll of Notable Women for all
her inventions! This woman can’t just
be thanked once or twice, but every
one needs to show her our gratitude!
So as you can see this woman is
amazing, and if you want to know
more about her, do some research on
how athletic she is! Trust me you’ll be

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