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Mia Hamm
By: Arissa A.
Washington, Grade 6

I Think Mia Hamm Should Be Nominated

I think Mia Hamm should be nominated. Mia is a great role model, amazing soccer player, and has accomplished her dreams.

Mia Hamm is a great soccer player.
Mia was the youngest woman ever to join the US national team. She also was the best soccer player in the 1990'S. Also won gold medals in the Olympics.

Mia Hamm is also a great roll model. She follows her dreams and doesn't give up. She keeps on trying even if she failed. So that helps me, if I fail I'll just keep trying hard.

Also she accomplished her dreams. Like she graduated from USC with a science degree. And Played for the Washington Freedom of the WUSA. She won the 1999 World Cup. So I want to accomplish all my dreams.

Those are the reasons chose Mia Hamm.

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