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Bethany Hamilton
By: Allia S.
California, Grade 7

For womenís history month I am nominating surf champ and an inspirational person Bethany Hamilton. She should be a well-known girl in all households. This girl is probably the most inspiring girl, no she didnít invent something or save the world but she is a very brave and inspiring person.

When I was reading Teen Vogue the March issue,
I came across an article on Bethany I read it three times and every time I read it, it just inspires me to keep on doing something I love even after the worst has happened. If you donít know, Bethany is the girl whose arm got bitten off by a shark while surfing in Hawaii, her hometown. Bethany has true courage because her arm got bitten off and she still surfs and it takes someone with guts to do that after being attacked in the ocean while surfing. Before getting back in the ocean Bethany had to practice so she practiced on a balance board, which stimulates a real surfboard. On the day before thanksgiving Bethany hopped right on to her surfboard and did it again. Someone who does that is most defiantly a girl who should go down in history.

I think that Bethany is a true survivor and
The great news is that now she is getting a prosthetic arm and she can start to do stuff she used to but surfing wont be one of them because she did it on her own, one arm only and she is my inspiration, and sheís only thirteen.

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