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Emily Dickinson
By: Emily H.
Illinois, Grade 5

Emily Elizabeth Dickinson
Report By: Emily H.
I’m nobody! Who are you?
Are you nobody too?
Then there’s a pair of us-don’t tell!
They’d banish us, you know
How dreary to be somebody?
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the live long day.
To an admiring bog.
There are many amazing women
all throughout of history. Mother
Teresa helped many people. Susan B.
Anthony did a numerous accoplishents
that she's on the Silver Dollar. Claire
Barton saved people in the Civil War
and started the Red Cross. Eleanor
Roosevelt was even considered “The
First Lady of the World”. I this paper I
will be explaining all about Emily
Dickinson and all that she has
accomplished. First, she helped the
USA become a little more modern
through her poetry. Second, she also
went through a lot of challenges.
Third, she grasped precisely what was
up to date in politics.
Reason One
In my opinion Emily Dickinson
helped our country in becoming much
more modern through poetry, more
than other poets. It was in the 1850’s
to 1880’s that Emily accomplished
this. As a poet Emily used contraction,
slashes, dashes, interesting
capitalization and punctuation such as
exclamation points, question marks,
and commas. For example, a place
where you might except a lower case
letter, she might put a capital letter(s).
For a better example refer to my cover
which has the poem, “Who Are You?”.
In that time poems were very
conventional. Poems never talked
about everyday life, which is what
Emily mostly wrote about. Emily wrote
like no other poet in a way that was
considered almost ahead of the time.
She used devices that changed the way
you read her poems. People now say
her poems to a rhythm of a drum.
Nothing like that was hardly ever done
before, but it is done now because of
Reason two
Emily Elizabeth Dickinson had
many challenges to over come. When
she was a child, her father Edward
Dickinson and her mother Emily
Norcross Dickinson were distant and
cold to each other. Apart from her
parents, Emily also had to deal with
the fact that she grew up in a very
conservative house (which made it
hard to express herself). When she
was older, she attended an average
size school, Mount Holyoke College
(which her family founded) for less
then one year. She came home from
illness and never went back. After
returning from school she only went
for short trips to visit relatives. “For
decades, popular wisdom portrayed
Dickinson as an agoraphobic [fear of
big spaces] recluse. New scholarship
suggests a much wider circle of
influence” (
Emily_Dickinson). This quotation
means that for a long time people
thought that she was just an
agoraphobic, but now people think her
fears where much more than that.
Some people think it might have been
insane genetics because; her mother
was chronically ill and very quiet and
so was her sister. When Emily was
older she lived in her childhood home
with her younger sister. Also her
bother and his wife even lived next
door. Emily saw very few people even
the ones who came to her house.
Sometimes she would even leave her
brother outside in the rain because it
would have blurred her vision. The
poor girl Emily Dickinson might have
been chronically depressed from an
unsatisfactory love life.

Reason three
From Emily’s point of view, it was
very that important she knew what was
going on it the world in politics. After
all her father was in the House of
Representatives, not to mention the
fact that her grandfather was also in
government. Some people thought
that Emily not only was up to date in
politics because of her family but also
to improve her poetry and to let
people know what was happening
through her eyes. Emily sent letters to
different people in government. She
wrote poems on what was happening
in that time (sometimes). Emily was
one of the most informed poets at that
time. Other poets that are not as
famous, wrote poetry like Emily did
also, but not at such an extent.
Now I hope you realize just what
an amazing women Emily Elizabeth
Dickinson was. She lived through so
much such as, having a chronically ill
and maybe depressed mother and
sister and might have been chronically
ill herself. I hope now that you have a
new appreciation for Emily and poets
everywhere. I also hope you'll put her
in the The Honor Roll of Notable
Women. Also did you know that Emily
Dickinson wrote over 4000 poems, but
only published 7 in her life time!!

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