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Kirsten Eddings
By: Brad H.
Washington, Grade 6

Kristen Eddings

I want to nominate Kristen Eddings as a notable woman because who she is,shes a good role model, and she should be nominated.

First, who is she? She is Miss. Washington. She earned Miss. Washington by her beautiful singing voice, and looks! She is also a 21 year old girl that's single,lives in the county,and wants to live a happy single life. She also placed in the top 10 for Miss. America with her beautiful singing voice, and her looks!

Secondly she is a good role model to children. By stays above the influence by saying no to drugs and tobacco and she will never do drugs. Doesn't drink and drive, or chew or smoke. She also always helps children and goes to schools and talks about how bad drugs and tobacco and alcohol is bad for you.

Last but not least, i think she should be nominated for a notable women. Because she helps poor and homeless people. She also buts peoples tasks before hers. She also would do things for other people .That's why she should be a notable women.
In hence u can see why i think Kristen Eddings should be a notable women

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