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Mende Nazer
By: Allia S.
California, Grade 7

I am nominating Mende Nazer for Women’s History Month.
Mende is an amazing women she escaped slavery when she was fourteen. One night she woke up to screams and gangs of men were torching her Muslim village in Sudan. and as scared as she was she ran with her family to hide in the hills, sadly she became separated from them and was sold into servitude in Khartoum. She was forced to work for a wife and a mother of four who called her “Yebit” meaning “girl worthy of no name”.
Mende spent nights being beaten, locked in a shed, and only fed table scraps. In 1999 she found out her family was alive while speaking with a newly captured Nuban slave. In 2000 Mende escaped wile taking out the trash and is talking to her family and talks to them frequently.

I think that Mende is so amazing and
She even wrote a book called Slave and it’s about her true story.
I found out about Mende while reading People and the things that she’ s
Been through just amazes me. I think Mende is a wonderful person and is very inspirational. She is a very strong and brave person for escaping the gang of men and the terrible people who made her their slave. More people than I should know about Mende Nazer.

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