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rosa parks
By: Tarra H.
Florida, Grade 8

There are many famous and impornant women throughout history. One woman that will forever be rememberd is Rosa Parks. She fought for civol rights. She stood up for her race in montgomery, Alabama. Rosa Parks, who inspired a generation to fight for civil rights, died on October 24, 2005 at age 92.

Her greatest acheivment was sparking the modern civil rights movement in the United States by refusing to give up her bus seat to a white passenger. Rosa Parks's arrest for breaking Montgomery segregation laws started a boycott of the city bus line that lasted 381 days. This eventually led to the 1956 Supreme Court ruling declaring segregation illegal on public buses. After moving to Michigan in 1957, Rosa Parks continued the fight for equal rights for African Americans. On several occasions, she returned to Montgomery to support Dr. Martin Luther King in demonstrations and civil rights marches.

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