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Harriet Tubman
By: Erin K.
Illinois, Grade 5

For my womenís history project Iím doing Harriet Tubman!! Harriet Tubman risked her own life to help other slaves become free. She helped relatives and 300 other slaves out of slavery!! Harriet disguised herself as a man named Moses too! A lot of people became so afraid of this so called man that whoever could find him would get a HUGE reward!! She also was VERY well known to be cool, resourceful, and very good at disguising her self and diversion was another thing that she was good at!

Harriet Tubman also helped most slaves get jobs and if they wanted to, to get into the Civil War. She helped organize A LOT of slaves into spy and scout network! After the war, she helped those that were orphaned or really poor!! She fed them and nursed them to health to if they were sick!! Harriet worked with the Freedmenís Bureau program which helped with the reconstruction after the war was over!!!

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