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Cleopatra Of Egypt
By: Rosie T.
California, Grade 7


Daughter of the pharaoh:

I think that Cleopatra should go on the “Honor Roll of Notable Women,” for all the things she went through in her life. She did all she could’ve done to rule Egypt. She even poisoned him because he was the main ruler of Egypt. She “loved” three men, but two of them were not her true lovers. She married her brother, and a roman prince named Julius Caesar. But finally she met a man named Mark Antony, who he was her true love. But after he lost while fighting in a war, he was so depressed that he killed himself. And since Cleopatra really loved him, she killed herself as well. And that is the short and sad life of Cleopatra.

She is a very intelligent and powerful woman. She didn’t care about family, which is the bad part, but she did all she could to do her priorities. If she wanted to be queen, she became it, if she wanted to kill people, she did. That was the basic part of her life and she still didn’t care about anything else. Many people didn’t like her because of her bossy ways, but she stood up for herself, as a real woman should. She didn’t let any guy just come up to her and rule her, she ruled them. But when her true love, Mark Antony, died she had the heart to care for him, and she even gave up her own life to be free with him in heaven. She wanted to prove to herself and him that she was a tough and a loving woman. And that to me seemed very courageous of her.
It even showed that she was very brave because she forced a deadly poisoned snake to bite her. She asked Octavion to bury her next to her one and truly love, Mark Antony. She was quite an extraordinary woman. She followed her dreams of becoming the queen of Egypt, and she finally accomplished that precious dream. Many young ladies should look up to her because she is a true role model for her evil ways to get things done her way. No one should be evil, but they should try and do whatever it takes to reach their goal. Cleopatra achieved her goal and more. She realized she was in love, and no money, treasure, or even being the queen could take her love away. She gave up on everything and just decided to be next to Mark Antony, dead and buried, free and in heaven. And that is why she should go on the list of honorary women. She is a hero to many others and me that believed in dreams coming true and power.

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