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Bonnie Blair
By: Jeremy B.
Washington, Grade 6

Bonnie Blair
By: Jeremy B.

I think Bonnie Blair should be elected to the Notable Womenís Hall of Fame because she had simple dreams that made her famous, she is a good role model, and is an amazing athlete.

Bonnie Blair started skating as soon as she could get her feet into ice-skates. When she started skating it was just for fun, then one day she decided to enter a speed skating contest. She did great, and eventually went on to the Olympics. She stated the Olympics when she was only twenty years old. In the Olympics she won 5 gold medals in 3 Olympics. In 2004, she was elected to go to the Hall of Fame for all her ice skating records and medals.

Also, Bonnie Blair is a good role model because she is great under pressure. She was up against the reigning champion in the 500 meter; she won that race and went on to win a gold medal. One of Bonnie Blairís favorite things to do, is donating. She gives about 50 % of her prize money to charities like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and the Red Cross. Bonnie Blair is also very smart. She graduated at the top of her class in High School with a 3.87 grade point average.

Last but not least, she is an amazing athlete. She set the world record of 38.99 seconds in the 500 meter race. She competed in the Olympics for 10 years and did great every year, being the first women ever to win consecutive 500 meter races.

That is why I think Bonnie Blair should be elected to the Notable Womenís Hall of Fame.

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