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Mae Jemison
By: Justin B.
Indiana, Grade 3

“Don’t be limited by others’ limited imaginations.”

When Mae Jemison was little she dreamed of being a scientist. When she told her teacher she wanted to be a scientist she said, “You mean a nurse”, because most African Americas do not get to be a scientist.
She was born in Decatur, Alabama. She went to Cornell University of medicine and Stanford University. After graduation she got married and had children. Than she received a phone call from NASA asking if she wanted to become an astronaut. One of the ways she trained was going upside down in a jet and it was like zero gravity. .
After 4 years of training to her dream of to travel in space became a reality. She went on the shuttle Endeavor where she did an experiment to see if tadpoles would develop in space. When she came back from space she decided to open the Jemison Center, which teaches people about technology. She was motivated by her dream to be a scientist. She helped people all over the world to follow their dreams. Mae Jemison followed her dreams in her personal life. She is married and had children, which she taught them to follow their dreams. Dreams can become reality if you believe they will. Mae Jemison’s dream came reality because she believed she could be a scientist.
Mae Jemison accomplished many things in her life. She was the first African American woman to fly in space. She was a scientist, a doctor, and a teacher all in one. She not only accomplished her dream, but she helped others reach their dreams. Her dreams motivated her to become an amazing scientist. I think she was an amazing scientist.

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