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By: Daniel C.
California, Grade 7

I think Cleopatra should be in the Honor Roll of Notable Women. I believe this because although she had a big rough life, she was the most powerful queen Egypt ever had.

Cleopatra was born in 69 BC and died in 30 BC. She was a good queen for Egypt. She was queen from 51 BC to 30 BC. She ruled with her brother Ptolemy XIII and later her other brother Ptolemy XIV. She had a part in the killing of her brothers.

Then she ruled with Julius Caesar by her side and then Marc Antony. She had a son by Julius Caesar and three children with Marc Antony. Cleopatra's kingdom was taken over by the Romans. Marc Antony killed himself because he thought Cleopatra was dead. After hearing that Marc Antony committed suicide she killed herself with the bite of an asp.

I think Cleopatra should go in the Honor Roll of Notable Women. The reason why I think that is because she not only tried to lower taxes but she tried to make things right. Cleopatra was not only a queen but she was brave, skillful, intelligent, ruthless, and ambitious. She was skillful in keeping Rome away from Egypt. For example, she allied with Caesar, then Marc Antony. She was one of the survivors to become queen or king.

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