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Harriet Tubman
By: Karmen D.
California, Grade 8

There are many great women who have shown through numerous acts of courage, determination, kindness, hope, vision, and intelligence that they are worthy of being honored. I have formed the opinion (through extensive research and evaluation) that Harriet Tubman is most worthy of being acknowledged because she has shown all of these qualities of conscience and mind throughout her ninety-three years of life.

Born a slave, Harriet Tubman was almost thirty years old when she escaped to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at fear of being sold south. Many other women before her had fled, so this in itself is not a very remarkable accomplishment. But Harriet, not being satisfied with having just escaped to freedom herself, went back South at risk of capture and death nineteen times to rescue about three-hundred slaves. Obviously she possessed the qualities of selflessness, courage, determination, and intelligence.

Harriet Tubman’s work to end slavery did not stop there. During the Civil War she joined the Union army and served for three years as a scout, spy, and nurse, earning the respect of the army. This not only shows the qualities mentioned before, but also the vision of equal treatment and freedom for all people.

Even after the Civil War Harriet did not stop helping the public. She founded two schools, worked for woman suffrage, and founded a home for the black aged. These, I think, are some of the most important deeds in her life, since they demonstrate that besides courage, determination, and the kind of characteristics that she might have shown in the army, she possessed kindness, compassion, and a wish for peace and happiness.

Harriet Tubman was a woman of courage, vision, hope, strength, and seemingly boundless energy. This is clearly proven by the many deeds she has done to help her fellow people, us. Even though she may now be to some people just a page in a history book, Harriet has done many things with determination and kindness and remains an inspiration to all women.

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