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Susan B. Anthony
By: Jimmy Z.
Illinois, Grade 5

Susan B. Anthony
Honor Roll of Notable Women
By; Jimmy
Women have played a huge
part in the history of the world. They
have been scientists like Murie Curie.
They have been preachers for God like
Mother Theresa. They have even been
pilots like Amelia Earhart. Some
women have excelled in things that
some people thought only men could
such as Oprah being a millionaire and
Mia Hamm being a all star athlete. But
there is one women who has done
more for the world then all of these
people combined, and that persons
name is Susan B. Anthony. Susan B.
Anthony has done so many works for
women, children and men that I really
couldn’t fit it on this paper. But there
are six things that stand up above the
rest. Those six things are being an
abolitionist, an educational reformer, a
labor activist, a temperance worker, a
suffragist, and lastly a women's rights
campaigner. Because of this, I think
Susan B. Anthony should be on the
women’s honor roll. In the next few
paragraphs you will find out why.

One of Susan B. Anthony’s
many accomplishments was being an
abolitionist. An abolitionist is a
person who fights against slavery and
Anthony became active in the
antislavery movement when she
moved to Rochester in 1845. Almost
every Sunday, Anthony and many
other Quakers met at their farm to
discuss the antislavery movement.
Anthony always was a big part in the
meeting, but was often excluded
because she was still a young women.
She quickly proved them all wrong
when she became an agent for the
American Antislavery Society in 1856.
As an agent she campaigned for the
abolition of slavery all through the
south. She was yelled at, threatened
with weapons, and mobbed, but she
still pulled through. Eventually, she
founded the Women’s National Loyal
League which campaigned and
petitioned for the Thirteenth
Amendment to be passed. Being an
abolitionist is just one reason why I
think Susan B. Anthony should be on
the Women’s Honor Roll.

Susan B. Anthony was also
an educational reformer, another
reason why she should be on the
Honor Roll for Notable Women. An
educational reformer is someone who
works with schools and sometimes
tries to change the school structure.
In this case she tried to get more
women admitted to schools. At age
26, Anthony took the position as the
head of the girl’s department at
Conajoharie Academy. This was her
first paying job, and was one of her
only paying jobs because she was
mostly a volunteer. In 1859 she spoke
at an educational convention urging
the school board of Troy, New York to
admit girls to the colleges. She also
debated for the ex-slaves, as well as
their children, to be given an
education. During the 1900’s Anthony
joined the Rochester University board
of trustees. She campaigned for the
admittance of women at the university
and for equal treatment between boys
and girls. Eventually, Anthony raised
$50,000 in pledges so that girls would
be admitted. In a last minute effort,
she put up her life insurance money to
reach the $50,000 needed to ensure
the admittance of women. Because of
her, girls were admitted to Rochester
University for the first time in 1900.
Being an educational reformer is
another reason why I think Susan B.
Anthony should be on the Honor Roll.

The third reason why I think
Susan B. Anthony should be on the
Honor Roll is because she was a
celebrated labor activist. A labor
activist is someone who fights for the
rights of workers. Anthony did this in
many different ways. One way was
that she published a newspaper. This
newspaper was first published in 1868
and was called, The Revolution. The
paper campaigned for an equal pay for
equal work. It also campaigned for a
settled South and encouraged
immigration. Anthony also formed the
Workingwomen’s Association which
encouraged women in the sewing and
printing trades to apply for the men’s
trades. This lead to many women
forming their own shops and working
in the men’s trade union. Anthony
also was a delegate for the National
Labor Congress and persuaded them
to call for equal pay and equal job
offers to women. In 1870, she was
elected president of the
Workingwomen’s Central Association (
WCA). The WCA was also formed by
Anthony and focussed on the working
conditions and pay for both men and
women. Anthony also encouraged
Florence Kelly and Janne Adams on
their work on the Hull House in
Chicago. Being a labor activist is
another one of the reasons why I think
Susan B. Anthony should be on the
Women’s Honor Roll.
Susan B. Anthony was also a
phenomenal temperance worker.
Anthony was brought up in a family
that believed that drinking was sinful.
So, while working at Canjahorne
Academy she joined the Daughters of
Temperance. The Daughters of
Temperance were a group of women
who drew attention to the effect of
underaged drinking and drunkenness
on family’s. They campaigned for
stronger liquor laws and the outlawing
of drugs. In 1849, she was elected the
president of the Rochester branch for
the Daughters of Temperance. Also in
1853, she founded the Women’s State
Temperance Society. She gathered
28,000 signatures for a petition to
limit the sale of liquor. She got
signatures from women and men but
Congress turned it down. That’s just
another reason why I think Susan B.
Anthony is an amazing person.
One of the most important
reasons why Susan B. Anthony should
be on the Honor Roll is because she
was one of the most important
suffragist’s in American history.
Anthony teamed up with Elizabeth
Cady Stanton in 1851 and soon
became longtime partners with her.
So, with the help of Stanton, Anthony
created the American Equal Rights
Association in 1866. Then in 1868,
they started publishing women’s
suffrage campaign articles in the
Revolution newspaper. Susan B.
Anthony had once printed, “ Men their
rights, and nothing more; women,
their rights, and nothing less.” This
means that women and men should
both have equal rights. But Anthony
in both the newspaper and the
American Rights Association had one
main goal and that was women’s
suffrage. In the 1870’s, Anthony
became one of the first women to
campaign for suffrage in the West.
When Anthony was arrested for
protesting, she would not pay the fine
because she said she was, “traveling
under protest at the government’s
expense.” She also appeared before
every congress in the US from 1892 to
1906, the year she died. Anthony
became president of the National
American Women’s Suffrage
Association ( NAWSA) in 1892 and
stayed at that position until she was
80 years old!! Because of all of her
amazing accomplishments as a
suffragist, the 19th Amendment
( Women’s Suffrage) is also known as
the Susan B. Anthony Amendment.
The last, but not least
reason why I think Susan B. Anthony
should be on the Honor Roll is
because she was a great women’s
right campaigner. Anthony once said,
“ Independence is happiness,” and as a
women’s rights campaigner she
fought for that happiness. The first
thing she did was campaign for the
dress reform for women. She cut her
hair and wore a bloomer for a year.
Because of this many women followed
suit. Anthony also campaigned for
women’s property rights. She spoke
at meetings in New York, and collected
many signatures for petitions.
Because of her work, New York passed
the New York State Married Women’s
Property Bill in 1860. The bill allowed
women in the state of New York to
own property, keep their own wages,
and have custody of their children.
Susan B. Anthony was a huge help to
this and without her this bill would
have never been passed. That is the
last reason why I think Susan B.
Anthony should be on the Honor Roll.
As you can see, Susan B.
Anthony has done thousands of things
to help men, children, and women.
When she was a temperance worker
she helped some men stop drinking
which had a huge impact on their
families and communities. As a labor
activist she provided safer jobs for
everyone, and as an educational
reformer she helped children learn in a
better environment. She also taught
at different colleges. While working as
a suffragist, she practically gave
women the right to vote. This didn’t
only impact women, but changed the
way we live today in a very positive
way. She also helped people of
different races. As an abolitionist she
helped slaves and freedmen gain more
rights. This too had a huge impact on
the world today. To even think about
what the world would be like today
without Susan B. Anthony would be
horrible. If Anthony wasn’t in the
world then some colleges wouldn’t
accept women and girls may still be
wearing huge skirts. African
Americans may still have to drink out
of a different water fountain and
families may still be suffering from the
loss of a drunk husband or father. If
Anthony never was born then women
wouldn’t be voting and women might
be getting $1 for every $3 a man
earns. Those are all the reasons why I
think Susan B. Anthony should be on
the Women’s Honor Roll. Anthony
always said, “ Failure is impossible.”
That was how she ended most of her
speeches and was something that she
said very often. Something that is
historic about that quote is that it was
her last words that she spoke publicly.
She also certainly lived by it. Without
her and that philosophy we may still
be living in the 18th century.

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