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Susan B. Anthony
By: Sydney S.
Arkansas, Grade 6

Susan B. Anthony was a great person because she spoke her mind when women were not able to do anything except housework. Susan was responsible for getting women the privilege of voting. I admire her most for walking through the barber shop doors and demanding to be registered to vote. Of course, the men said no at first, but she and her sisters insisted that they be allowed to vote. On voting day she went down to get her ballot, but the men would not give it to her. When she told them to look up her name, they were shocked. Susan did vote that day, but it was not counted because she was a woman. She was then arrested for voting. At her court trial she was fined one hundred dollars, but the jury never voted on her conviction because the judge did not allow them to be polled. Most women would have given up, but not Susan B. Anthony. In anger she told the judge that she would not pay him a dime. Then she took that opportunity to give a speech on women's rights to a court room filled with reporters.

Her last public words were ''Failure is impossible.'' This was her eighty-sixth birthday party. Eighty-six school children surprised her that day by each laying a rose in her lap. This showed that the children asmired her for standing up for what she believed in. Even though Susan B. Anthony was largely responsible for the Nineteenth Amendment allowing women to vote, she never saw it passed because she she died one month before it became law.

All in all Susan B. Anthony was a magnificent person. She was never afraid to stand up for what she believed in. She admired each person for what they stood for -- Not whether they were male or female or black or white. Today women can own land, work, and vote, and have the same equal rights as men thanks to Susan B. Anthony and her friends and followers.

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