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Rebecca Lee Crumpler
By: Hope X.
Illinois, Grade 5

Rebecca Lee Crumpler
Honor Roll of Notable Women
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Women have done many great
things in the history of the world.
There have been several essential
women in history, such as Susan B.
Anthony, a suffragist. There have
been scientists like Marie Curie.
Talented poets like Emily Dickinson
have their place in this world. Even
important athletes like Babe
Didrickson and Gertrude Ederle have
had a huge impact on the world.
Although, in my opinion Rebecca Lee
Crumpler was the most inspirational
woman. She fought through
prejudice, persevered, and it all paid
off. Crumpler was crowned the 1st
African-American woman to earn a
medical degree. Amazingly, she still
had time in her wonderful life to write
one of the 1st African-American
publications! I think that she well
deserves the honor to be part of the
Honor Roll of Notable Women.
Rebecca’s entire life was devoted
to becoming a great doctor. Rebecca
earned her “Doctress of Medicine
degree, instead of “Doctor of
Medicine,” in 1864. She went to New
England Medical College. But her
journey all started with an aunt in
Pennsylvania. Her aunt, a doctor
herself, raised her. Rebecca was
mainly inspired by her aunt because
her aunt helped and cured everyone in
the neighborhood.

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