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Marie Curie
By: Jack 3.
Illinois, Grade 5

Marie Currie
By: Jack

There have been some very
wonderful women over the years such
as, Susan B. Anthony who helped with
women's suffrage, Amelia Earheart
who was the first women to fly, and
Mother Teresa who helped people
heal. Instead I am about to tell you
who is unbelievable, and her name is
Marie Currie. She was one amazing
women. Marrie Curie succeeded in
many, many amazing
accomplishments and here they are.
Firstly, she was the first women to win
the nobel prize twice. Once in
chemistry and once in physics.
Secondly, she was the first women
professor at a very intelligent school
called Sorbonne in Poland. Thirdly,
Marrie Currie overcame depression
and became successful in life.
Fourthly, she invented two radioactive
elements called radium and
petroleum. Without them we would not
have x-rays. Lastly, because of her we
have x-rays installed in ambulances.
As you can see Marie Curie succeeded
in many accomplishments so I think
you should put her in the women's hall
of fame.

Marie Currie had faced many
challenges that have shocked the
world, but there was one that was the
hardest for her. It was depression. She
went into depression at age nine
because of her mother’s tragic death.
Her mother died of tuberculoses who
received it from her husbands closest
friend. Believe it or not, while she was
in depression her sister passed away.
Can you imagine how hard it would be
to get through all of those challenges?
Eventually the family came up with a
way to overcome thier pains inside.
They all pretended they found a
miracle cure that could save lives. It
helped them tremendously. Marrie
currie eventually overcame her
depression and became very
successful in life. When she was older,
she would say, “Nothing in life should
be feared. It should be understood.” If
you can overcome something that is
so hard like depression and
understand it at the age of nine, I
really think that you deserve to be in
the women's hall of fame!

Marrie Currie made many great
discoveries, but there was one that
made everyone scream in disbeleife!
She discovered two radioactive
elements, Radium and Petroleum.
These elements help with a lot of
materials, but mostly medical devices.
Radium and petroleum saved so many
lives because of her discovery. If she
had not discover these elements, then
we would be having a lot of trouble in
scientific and medical reasons. It
helps many things. After she
discovered these elements, she
received the nobel prize. That made
her the first women to win the nobel
prize in history. She inspired many
women in history to do the same. She
was known as the smartest women to
walk on the earth! We all appreciate
her work. If someone can make a big
difference in the world like she did she
definitely deserve to be in the Honor
roll of notable women.

Marrie Currie has done some
unbelievable things, but she did
something that was unthinkable. She
won the nobel prize TWO times! When
she won it the first time, she was the
first women to win the nobel prize but
twice is just amazing. She would
always say “I owe it all to Henery
Bequel”, the discoverer of radioactivity.
She won it in 1903, in chemistry, and
in 1911, she won it in physics for the
discovery of radium and petroleum. “I
was taught that the way of progress is
nor swift nor easy.” Marie Curie woul
say. She was known all around and
was respected greatly. If anyone can
achieve such a thing as that you
definitely deserve to be resisted and
known. I definitely think Marrie Currie
deserves to be in the honor roll of
notable women.

Marrie Currie was a brilliant
person and it all paid off for her. At
the same time it was very hard for her
. She had troubles because her
greatest partner and husband Pierre
Currie, passed away and brought
Marrie Currie down a lot because he
was one of the best helpers Marie
Curie had had. She took Pierre's place
at the professor of Sorbonne, the most
brilliant school in Poland. That made
her the first women to have a job as a
professor at Sorbonne which is a
school basically like Harvard. As a little
girl, it was her dream to teach at
Sorbonne and her hard work paid off.
She had accomplished her dream. She
always said she owed all of her
accomplishments to Pierre. If anyone
can accomplish such a thing as this
you definitely deserve to be in the
honor roll of notable women!

Marrie Currie is an amazing
person and she has another
outstanding accomplishment. All
because of her discovery of radium
and petroleum, we have x-rays
installed into the ambulances. If we
didn’t have ambulances and hospitals,
then how would we know if we had a
broken bone or a sprained ankle etc.
She would always say “I didn't save the
lives the x-rays did”. It would be a
disaster without them. I bet the x-rays
would have save Marrie Currie’s
mother. All because of Marrie Currie
discovery of Petroleum, Radium and
with a little help from Henry Bequel we
now have x-rays. If someone can
make such a difference in the world
they definitely deserve to be in the
honor roll of notable women.

I hope you all understand why I
think Marrie Currie is the most
outstanding women I have ever heard
of. All of her accomplishments were so
great and so helpful in the world that
she deserves some credit for it. She
deserves credit because if you think
about it, the x-ray has to have saved
so many lives by now. She was an
unbelievably smart person also. She
was so smart she was the first teacher
ever at the most brilliant school in
Poland, Sorbonne. Not in a million
years would I ever expect to discover
any radioactive elements. To wrap it
all together Marrie Currie was a
brilliant women and completely
deserves to be in the women's hall of
fame. Oh and did you know that by
January 7, 1934 Marrie Currie was
nearly blind and had no fingers all
because of her own creation, Radium.

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