A draft helps you organize your work and get your thoughts down on paper.

Before you start writing:

  • Using the plans created in the last step, decide on a good beginning or "hook" that will grab the reader's attention. State your topic and give a little background information.
  • Make a list of specific points you want to be sure and include in your final product. These points will serve as the main ideas for each of your three paragraphs within the body of your paper. Highlight quotes and content that support the ideas you choose.
  • Decide on an effective ending for your report. Ask yourself what thought you want to leave the reader with or a thought that summarizes the overall viewpoint.
As you write:
  • Focus on information and allow your ideas to flow freely.
  • Don't worry about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You will correct your work later on.

A good persuasive essay draft includes:

  • all your thoughts
  • as many details as possible
  • complete thoughts and ideas
  • facts to support your argument

Print this worksheet to help you write your draft.