A draft allows you to begin the process of organizing your work and getting your thoughts down on paper. Focus on the content and allow your ideas to flow freely. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be corrected in later steps of the writing process.

Before you start writing:

  • Review your notes and outline.
  • Organize your notes to flow with the order your outline dictates.
  • Decide on a good opening for each major heading of your outline.
  • Decide on an effective ending for your report. The ending should wrap all your research up into one important statement or finding.
  • Highlight notes and quotes that support the ideas you choose.
As you write:
  • Focus on information and allow your ideas to flow freely.
  • Don't worry about grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You will correct your work later on.

A good research paper draft includes:

  • all your thoughts
  • as many details as possible
  • complete thoughts and ideas
  • enough information to turn into a final version
  • information on each of the points mentioned in your outline

Print this worksheet to help you write your draft.