It's time to check the important stuff like spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and subject/verb agreement. While this probably isn't your favorite step in the writing process, it's an important one!


  • Each sentence starts with a capital letter.
  • All names of people and places begin with a capital letter.
  • Titles in a person's name begin with a capital letter.
  • Each important word in a title begins with a capital letter.
  • Quotation marks surround all words that are part of a direct quote.
  • Commas separate items in a list.
  • All sentences end with a period or other appropriate ending punctuation.
Spelling and Sentences
  • Words are spelled correctly. If you are using a computer, remember to use the spell check function.
  • All sentences are complete and include a subject and a verb.
  • All subjects and verbs agree.

Print this Editing Checklist.