The better prepared you are, the better the interview will be. Get ready by following these steps:

Make sure you're prepared.

  • Set a date, time, and place for the interview.
  • Find out some information about your interviewee and the country he or she comes from.
  • Allow plenty of time for the interview.
  • Bring a tape recorder if you can. Make sure that it works and that you have enough tape and batteries.
  • Even if you're taping, bring pen and paper. Be prepared to take notes.
  • Be prompt and respectful.

Get background on your interviewee.

  • Find out about the country the person came from: its language, customs, and location.

This information will help you understand your interviewee. Ask the person to bring along pictures they may have.

Write a list of questions.

Write a list of open-ended questions. Keep in mind the reporter's basics: Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Here are some questions you might ask. Be sure to add your own. Refer back to this section during your interview.

You've done your research. You've written your questions. Now it's time conduct the interview.