By Cullen G.
Grade 6, Ohio

My grandmother was a student in 1944 and she rememembers the efforts to collect and recycle tin foil, tin cans metals, rubber and other such things for the war effort. She said all of the students would go out after school and try to collect as much as they could for the benefit of the country.
In school. students had to grow ''Victory Gardens'' as projects. Teachers would come out to the students houses to grade the gardens. The vegetables would be used at home so that more of what farmers grew could go the the soldiers.
All of her Uncles went off to the war and fought with the marines. She still has the letters they sent home to her. It was time when she said the war affected everyone. Everybody had a family member in the service or was in a job that helped the war effort. Self sacrifice was common because we could needed to win. Losing to Hitler would have meant the worst future for the country.

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